Training -Testing -Teaching


• Motivation
• Auto regulation
• Competitive environment

The TENDO may be used as a part of the athlete’s daily training regime. It is attached to the bar on the Olympic platform or the Power rack. Certain bar speeds or power outputs can be set as goals for that day, and the athlete must maintain his speed and power above that predetermined mark. The coach can set the TENDO to emit an audio signal when power has gone above or below a predetermined percentage of max power.

One phenomenon which many coaches have experienced when using the TENDO is the instant competitive environment that is created in the weight room. Great athletes thrive on competition… there is no quicker way to bring out the fire in the athletes than to let them know they are being held accountable and that they are being compared to their training partner on each rep.

2. Testing

Athletes can be put through a series of tests weekly, monthly or each training meso-cycle. Speed and power results are great motivators and many times offer a better insight into the true athletic capability of an individual than the 1 rep max measurement.

3. Teaching

Many athletes do not know what it means to move the bar fast, or produce power effectively. Lifting technique is one thing, but efficient explosiveness is another. By illustrating the relationship between speed, mass and power first hand to an athlete, they will be more apt to focus on the correct components in the weight room.


Strength training is one of the most important things you can do to improve athletic performance. A properly laid out weight training program that takes into account recovery, efficiency, power output and the individual needs of an athlete, is worth its weight in gold. Up until now many of these facets have been a mystery to many coaches, which have eventually led to sub-potential performances in their athletes. By using the TENDO Units, coaches and athletes can unlock the longstanding mystery of maximizing human performance.